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A blog about Ireland

Adam and Val’s Irish exploration – what on earth is this all about?
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A good question.

And there isn’t an easy answer.   Val and I like travelling and exploring and since retiring from most of our paid and voluntary work in 2020, we had hoped to use our time to see the world while we were still fit and able.   Unfortunately retirement coincided with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic which meant that our plans were immediately thwarted.

So having endured, along with most of the rest of the world, on-off lockdowns for a year, we decided not to mope but to use the coming time when global travelling may be curtailed or at least difficult, to explore somewhere closer to home but still largely unknown.   At around the same time, we had been doing some research on our ancestry – as you do when you reach a certain age – and discovered on Val’s mother’s side an extremely interesting Irish branch which could trace its history back to the Kilkenny area until at least the early 1700’s.

So the answer suddenly became obvious.   We would leave the UK for a while, and go and explore Ireland.   Neither of us had ever lived abroad so we decided to make a proper go of it and not just to explore Ireland, but actually to live there for a while.   So we spent the summer of 2021 packing up everything in the UK  and getting the paperwork together so finally left for the Emerald Isle at the end of September 2021.

We don’t know exactly how long we will be away, but it’s likely to be a decent while.  Though, being close to the UK, we will of course be making trips back from time to time.

So, this section of the website contains a day by day record of Adam and Val’s Irish Odyssey.  Click the links below to find the page you want to read.

Ireland day 0020. Mon 18 Oct 2021- Slane
Ireland day 0019. Sun 17 Oct 2021- Fáilte
Ireland day 0018. Sat 16 Oct 2021- Carlingford
Ireland day 0017. Fri 15 Oct 2021- History
Ireland day 0016. Thu 14 Oct 2021- Ramparts
Ireland day 0015. Wed 13 Oct 2021- Fourknocks
Ireland day 0014. Tue 12 Oct 2021- Gormanston
Ireland day 0013. Mon 11 Oct 2021- Laurence
Ireland day 0012. Sun 10 Oct 2021- Loughcrew
Ireland day 0011. Sat 09 Oct 2021- Laytown
Ireland day 0010. Fri 08 Oct  2021- Flathunting
Ireland day 0009. Thu 07 Oct 2021- Skerries
Ireland day 0008. Wed 06 Oct 2021- Busy
Ireland day 0007. Tue 05 Oct 2021- Trim
Ireland day 0006. Mon 04 Oct 2021- Phones
Ireland day 0005. Sun 03 Oct 2021- Camino
Ireland day 0004. Sat 02 Oct 2021- Drought
Ireland day 0003. Fri 01 Oct 2021- Boyne
Ireland day 0002. Thu 30 Sep 2021- Surprises
Ireland day 0001. Wed 29 Sep 2021- Arrival