Ireland day 0939. Wednesday 24 April 2024- Paperwork *

Ireland day 0939. Wednesday 24 April 2024- Paperwork
Today’s summary A day spent more or less completely on admin, though we treated ourselves to a late lunch in the Grand Hotel once we had finished. Spanish deberes in the evening.
Today’s weather High cloud all day but bright. Light northerly wind. Appx 9c
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

You know – there are always one or two days like this, every year.

Val and I were both at home and had no plans at all for the day. A rare moment to be cherished and not squandered, you might think. Anyway, there were a couple of admin tasks, related to insurance, travel, and of course tax, which I thought I would just polish off before we settled down to more enjoyable activities.

But as you can probably guess, things didn’t go entirely to plan. Every single thing that I hoped to do quickly took infinitely longer than I had thought it should. Multiple phone calls, websites to logon to with passwords I had forgotten, and complicated questionnaires to be filled in with information that I didn’t have.

So it was after 4pm by the time we had finished, and practically the whole of our precious day had been wasted. To cheer ourselves up a bit, we decided to treat ourselves to a late lunch at the Grand Hotel, which turned out to be very nice. Especially when complemented by a couple of beers!

Now we’re fed and watered and back at the flat, seeing as the day has been more or less completely derailed, I have decided that I might as well spend the evening doing my Spanish homework. Would be good to knock that on the head so I don’t have it hanging over me for the rest of the week.

Onwards and, hopefully, upwards!

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Val purposefully striding out to lunch!
The liquid portion of our lunch today.   It’s all badly-needed electrolytes actually
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