Ireland day 0737. Thursday 05 October 2023- Clearing day 5 *

Ireland day 0737. Wednesday 05 October 2023- Clearing day 5
Today’s summary The house clearance people came for the morning and started carting our stuff off to various destinations, including storage.   They will be back tomorrow.   So now the house feels a bit empty.   Final step was to sell the car later in the afternoon and then go to friends for dinner later on.
Today’s weather Mostly dry with some sun.   Light south westerly wind.   Appx 17c
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows the location of our route)
Close-up location
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

We had done almost as much sorting out and shredding as we could by the end of yesterday, so we were more or less ready when the packing and removals men (and they were all men – five of them) arrived at 8:30am this morning.   The words “plague of locusts” spring to mind.   Yes, the attacked the mountains of our possessions with vigour and enthusiasm, and by lunchtime they had filled two vans with stuff to be taken away.   All we had to do was carry on shredding, make endless cups of tea, and sort out the couple of remaining (difficult) drawers that we had left over from yesterday.

Whilst the packers were at work, we made a couple of trips up to the shops to get lunch and a few other bits.   It was nice to bump into a few familiar faces up there, and to have the opportunity to say goodbye face to face.

The packers left in the early afternoon, to go back to base to deliver our stuff to its various new homes (basically, storage, family and friends, or auction).   They will be back tomorrow to pick up the remaining items – including the bed we will be sleeping on tonight.   The next job on our to do list was to sell the old car we had been keeping here in the UK.   It’s going to be sold to a close family friend, so we drove in convoy over to its new home later in the afternoon, ready to embark on the last stages of its journey in a few days time.  So we said goodbye to the Renault and then drove back in the trusty Yaris.

Finally, a couple of local friends invited over to their house for a curry (take-away) later on.  It was nice to have a fun evening and the opportunity to relax and look back, and forward, before closing a chapter in our lives tomorrow, and starting a new one.   Onwards and upwards – and I shall be ready to move on, now.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Look at this!   A loft where you can actually see the floor because it isn’t covered in junk! Toby the trusty Renault – about to go off to his new home
All boxed up and ready to go
Interactive map

(No map today)

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