Ireland day 0741. Monday 09 October 2023- Beara Guests Arrive *

Ireland day 0741. Monday 09 October 2023- Beara Guests Arrive
Today’s summary Spent the morning doing the washing and hoovering prior to arrival of our guests mid afternoon. Val went to work at lunchtime and I went shopping at Tesco Swords. After guests arrived, they went round to Model Railway Museum and I went to the Post Office. Pizza for dinner.
Today’s weather Sunny dry and warm. Hardly any wind. Appx 18c
Today’s overview location
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It’s all go here in Malahide. No sooner, it seems, have we arrived back in the flat than we are packing, ready to set off again. Tomorrow we’re off on holiday with some friends who have driven over from the UK we have a cottage booked for a week down on the Beara peninsula, in deepest West Cork. We are there for a week.

Val didn’t start work until lunchtime today, so we spent the morning cleaning, tidying, doing the washing and generally making the flat look as presentable as possible. As soon as she was off to work, I dashed off to Tesco at Swords to get some things for dinner tonight, then got back just a few minutes before our friends drove up from the ferry terminal.

After a quick cup of tea and some Halloween Brack (yes it’s that time of year again), I escorted our visitors to the Model Railway Museum where they spent ages being shown round by their expert guide Val.

Whilst they were happily occupied, I took my leave and went over to the Post Office to get some stamps. Suitably stamped, I returned to the flat in time to welcome our friends back from the museum.

Val was soon back from work, so we decided to skip the tea and went straight to the crisps, red wine and Prosecco. After a few moments putting the world to rights, we enjoyed pizza for dinner, strawberries and ice cream for dessert, and some weird elderflower liqueur that we found when clearing out our house in the uk last week, and brought back with us. Hangovers and an early start beckon!


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Relaxing over a glass of wine this evening Rotting tomatoes in Tesco – definitely not delicious!
Costa del Tesco Swords this afternoon
TV proudly installed after safe transfer from the UK
Interactive map

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