Ireland day 0590. Thursday 11 May 2023- Ghosts *

Ireland day 0590. Thursday 11 May 2023- Ghosts
Today’s summary Spoke with family in Canada in the afternoon, then went into Dublin to watch “Ghosts” – a play by Ibsen, being performed at the Abbey theatre.
Today’s weather Heavy downpours of rain all morning and early afternoon.   Sun came out later in the evening.   Light easterly wind.   Appx 13C
Today’s overview location
(The red mark shows the location of our route)
Close-up location
(The green and red line shows where we walked)
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

Val had a day off today so once we’d had our daily dose of podcasts and breakfast, she went off on a quick walk while I settled into a delightful morning of tax.   We have both UK and Irish tax returns to do and although we have a few months still to complete them, they are bound to be complicated and there will probably be unexpected difficulties along the way.   So we have decided to make an early start.

Anyway I felt I made some progress today but after an entire morning staring at the computer, I decided to call it a day and do something else instead in the afternoon.  So I had a video call with family in Canada in the mid afternoon and by the time that was finished it was already, amazingly, nearly 5pm and time to go into Dublin for tonight’s dose of entertainment.

Today, we were back at the Abbey to see a play called “Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen.   The play itself was interesting.   You know though that when the synopsis says that it explores the themes of incest, insurance fraud, religion and euthanasia that it’s not going to be an evening of fun and laughter, but we enjoyed it very much anyway.  The only downside was that play ran for 90 minutes straight through, which meant we missed out on interval drinks.  But we did get there early so managed to squeeze some refreshment in before the play started, which was an enormous relief.

Now we’re back in Malahide and I’m getting a late supper – vegetarian meatballs and baked beans (yum) – before collapsing into bed.   It’s back to tax again tomorrow so I need a decent nights sleep.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Val in her natural habitat!   On the path out of the Casino apartment block, with the Casino model railway museum in the thatched cottage behind Looking like pine trees – but they aren’t.   An impressive clump of echium flower spikes are growing in a garden adjacent to platform 2 at Malahide station
Tara Street station in Dublin.   It’s actually closer to the Abbey Theatre than Connolly, even though it’s on the other side of the river The Abbey Theatre, from Marlborough Street
In Tara Street station again on the way home.   If you look carefully at the other side of the tracks you can see the remnants of the old platform, buried underneath the more recent extension to the left
Tonight’s entertainment
Interactive map

(No map today)

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