Ireland day 0923. Monday 08 April 2024- To Rosslare *

Ireland day 0923. Monday 08 April 2024- To Rosslare
Today’s summary Val went on a run in the morning and I dealt with some admin. After lunch I went on a short but very wet walk round the demesne then we drove down to Rosslare early evening to stay overnight in a B&B prior to catching a ferry to Wales in the morning.
Today’s weather Incessant rain all night and all day. Everything is soaked. Strong south easterly wind. Appx 10c
Today’s overview location
(The green mark shows the location of our route)
Close-up location
(The green line shows where we walked)
(No GPX today)

(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

Ireland is soaking wet. We have had above average rainfall practically every month since last July. Which means that when yet more rain falls – as it did today – there is nowhere for it all to go. So the paths, parks and fields are standing in water, and rivers are perpetually in spate. No doubt things will even themselves out in the long run, but right now going outdoors is a very squelchy experience indeed.

Anyway, undeterred by the soggy conditions, Val was first to venture out this morning. She headed over to the demesne to complete the latest in her series of get fit quick runs.

While she was away, I tidied up some admin and did my packing – we are heading over to Wales for a couple of nights, to see friends. We are taking the car, which makes packing a more lazy experience, as you can just shove all your stuff in the back.

The runner returned, and then it was my turn to go out. I just wanted to get a bit of fresh air but didn’t stay out long as it was so wet. Even in the brief hour I was walking in the castle grounds, I managed to get soaked through. So once back at the flat I had to get completely changed, and drape the wet stuff over the radiators to dry.

By about 5pm it was time to set off on our travels. We drove round the M50 and then down the M11 to Rosslare, where we are catching a ferry to Fishguard, in south Wales, tomorrow morning. Because it’s an early sailing, we decided to check into a B&B near the ferry terminal for the night, and spare ourselves an otherwise excruciatingly early start.

It was a straightforward but rather slow (because of the rain and spray) drive and the Applelea House B&B will be fine for our one night visit. We ate at the nearby Kilrane Inn (grilled hake was very nice) and are now back in the room, enjoying a cup of tea, and listening to the violent storm outside lashing the rain against our window. I do hope it has improved a bit by the morning.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Tulips popping up in the bulb bed by the demesne entrance.   Hot on the heels of the daffodils and grape hyacinths The Kilrane Inn’s main claim to fame.   Of course if you ae coming the other way, it’s also the first pub in Ireland
Dinner venue – the Kilrane Inn The hake was pretty decent and the Sticky Toffee Pudding even more so
Just beginning to show its summer plumage.   An unidentified tree up in the demesne this lunchtime
Interactive map

(No map today)

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