Ireland day 0738. Friday 06 October 2023- Clearing day 6 *

Ireland day 0738. Friday 06 October 2023- Clearing day 6
Today’s summary Final day of sorting packing and clearing.   The removals men came again this morning and finally took all our stuff (including our bed) away.   We said a few farewells to neighbours, and left at about 3pm.  Now staying at a Premier Inn in Rhyl prior to taking the ferry back to Ireland tomorrow.
Today’s weather Bright and quite warm in the sun much of the day.   Some rain and feeling a bit stormy in the evening.   Appx 20c
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

Quite an emotional day today, actually.   Last night we spent our final night in the house that, before moving to Ireland, had been our family home for almost 25 years.   Then first thing in the morning, the removals men came and took away all the rest of our belongings – including our bed.   We packed the things that we wanted to bring back to Ireland – of which the TV was perhaps the most vital(!) -into the Trusty Yaris.   Then it was time to have a final look round, do a bit of cleaning, and say goodbye.

It was strange to see the house looking so empty, though I have to say it no longer felt like our family home, so the final departure, which we made at about 3pm, was a bit sad but easier than I had expected.  And it was good to know that a new family will soon be moving in, and that all our stuff has found good homes (including quite a lot to storage for use by us at an unspecified future date in an as yet unknown future location).

Our ferry back to Ireland isn’t until tomorrow, Saturday, but as our bed had been taken away, we couldn’t stay in the house.   So we have booked into a Premier Inn in north Wales (the same one, near Rhyl, as we stayed in back in March, on the way back after my hip operation).   We will have a few hours in the morning before the ferry, so we are looking forward to a bit of a lie-in and then perhaps a trip to our go-to National Trust site at Plas Newydd for breakfast.

So it was very much a case of a very happy chapter in our lives closing today, but an extremely exciting new one opening up.   Let’s get started!

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Amazing.   A garage that you can actually get a car in! Tonight’s commodious accommodation
Well we felt like we had earned it Text here
Text here Text here
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