Ireland day 0793. Thursday 30 November 2023- Office Return *

Ireland day 0793. Thursday 30 November 2023- Office Return
Today’s summary Spent the first part of the morning dealing with some admin in the flat, then drove over to the office mid morning.  A reasonably productive day then “hill and coast” walk in the evening while Val was at Wonderlights
Today’s weather Cold and showery.   Some brief sunny spells interspersed with heavy sleety showers with even a little snow which settled briefly on the pavements.  Moderate north easterly wind.   Appx 5c
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows the location of my route)
Close-up location
(The blue line shows where I walked)
(No GPX today)

(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

After two days of full-on conferencing, I was quite pleased “just” to be going to the office today.

I had some admin tasks to attend to first thing, then headed off to the office mid-morning.  It was quite a productive day, with an interesting technical meeting in which I realised I actually knew a lot less about the subject than I thought I did.

The downside of being in an interesting discussion was that I forgot to go to lunch until after the staff canteen had closed.   So I had to venture out into the sleety cold afternoon to get a panini in a nearby shopping centre.   But €15.10 for what was essentially just a sandwich with a small piece of cake and a cup of tea was a bit excessive, I thought.  Definitely only for use in emergency situations!

I left the office at 6pm and was back at the flat in about half an hour.   By the time I arrived, Val had left to go to Wonderlights so I briefly contemplated using the spare evening do do my Spanish deberes.   But I quickly thought the better of it and decided to go for a brisk walk round my favourite “hill and sea” circuit instead.   Then once Val gets back, I’m looking forward to watching a bit more of “Succession”.   We are well into the final season now and I’m fascinated to see how it all plays out.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

I had a meeting which lasted right through lunchtime so I missed eating in the office canteen.   So I head to the nearby shopping centre to get something to eat.   My chicken panini was OK, but very expensive Inside the mall.   Not so very different from malls the world over
I popped out from the office in the afternoon to get some lunch in the nearby shopping centre.   I could see Dublin Mountains brooding in the distance and did briefly wish I was there rather than in a shopping centre at that moment
Interactive map

(No map today)

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