Ireland day 0944. Monday 29 April 2024- Cairngorms 1 *

Ireland day 0944. Monday 29 April 2024- Cairngorms 1
Today’s summary After a call to a friend in the UK first thing, caught the bus to the airport then flew to Aberdeen. Collected a hire car then drove up to Donside to stay with friends for a couple of days
Today’s weather Rain in the morning but drier later. Moderate easterly wind. Appx 9c
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

We made a spontaneous decision, a couple of days ago, to go and see Scotland in the Spring.   So we’re going to be staying with friends high up in the Cairngorm Mountains until Thursday.

First things first though – I had a video call with a friend in the UK who is shortly going off to the Far East for a few weeks.   Then as soon as that was finished, we headed over to the bus stop and took the 102 to Dublin Airport and after a short pause in Terminal 2 – just long enough to get lunch – we caught our flight in a tiny twin-prop plane, to Aberdeen.

The car hire from Aberdeen was painless and then we sped up into the mountains and arrived with our friends in Strathdon just before 5:30.   A very swift process, just six and a half hours after leaving the flat.

It’s lovely up here.   Cool, fresh air, birdsong, squirrels and long light evenings.   We are looking forward to having a good break and catching our breath for a few days.   Back tomorrow with the next report from the Scotland Office!

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

St Sylvester’s from the 102 bus stop Exploring Dublin terminal 2
Even though we were sitting in row 1, we had to go in through the back.   Nice small plane (2+2 seating) but with propellers!   Got us to Aberdeen safely and speedily though Rockabill Island just visible through the porthole (at least I think it is)
Admiring the view from our friends’ house
Interactive map

(No map today)

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