Ireland day 0622. Monday 12 June 2023- Tax and Ardgillan *

Ireland day 0622. Monday 12 June 2023- Tax and Ardgillan
Today’s summary Spent the morning with the accountant and then pulling papers together for our Irish tax return.   Went to Ardgillan in the afternoon.
Today’s weather A few drops of rain the the  morning but most of the rest of the day dry humid and bright with some sun.   Almost no wind.   Appx 21C
Today’s overview location
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Close-up location
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(Summary blog only.   Last full blog was Day 0368).

Most of the morning was spent in a meeting with our Irish tax accountant here in Malahide.

We came away with a long list of data we need to provide in order to submit our Irish tax return (our UK one is, thank goodness, finished and ready to submit as soon as we have sorted out our Irish position).   Then, after lunch,  we spent a few hours making a start on trying to pull the data together.   We are nowhere near finished but there’s only so much you can do before your head explodes – trying to remember what the logon details are for various electronic portals is perhaps the most difficult time consuming and frustrating part of all this.

Once we’d had enough, we decided to head out and enjoy the remainder of a glorious sunny warm afternoon.   So up the M1 we headed in the trusty Yaris, to pay a visit to Ardgillan.   It’s a lovely stately home and demesne a few km up the coast from here, and we spent a few happy hours checking out the stunning rose garden, and then enjoying the facilities of the tea-shop.

Now it’s time for tea (beans on toast tonight) then a bit more time tracking down various bits of paper for our tax return.   I shall be glad when it’s all out of the way for another year, that’s for sure.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Here we are, at the top of the top lawn – on a clear day the Mourne mountains would be visible on the distant horizon from this point Tea and toast – very civilised.   And also quite attractive to our feathered chaffinch friends, it seems
The rose garden.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite such an impressive collection of near-perfect specimens The house is being restored by Fingal council at the moment.   This sign has all the details, if you’re interested
Bougainvillea thriving in the greenhouse.   Increasingly, I think this is my favourite plant in the world In the rose garden – in “real life” (as opposed to this photo) the rose had a distinctly blue colour – hence the name “Rhapsody in Blue” presumably
Val practicing her power walk on the back lawn of the Ardgillan demesne
Interactive map

(No map today)

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