Ireland day 0039. Saturday 06 November 2021- M1

Ireland day 0039. Saturday 06 November 2021- M1
Today’s summary Shopping at Tesco Clarehall in the morning then coast walk in the afternoon up the Broadmeadow estuary as far as the M1 bridge and back
Today’s weather Breezy and overcast.   No sun but dry.   About 14C
IMG_6189 IMG_6190
Today’s overview location
(the red cross in a circle shows where Val and I are at the moment)
Close-up location
(Click the button below to download a GPX file of this evening’s walk):
M1 Broadmeadow

We did this morning what we should have done yesterday.   Went shopping.

Because we were in need of yet more cooking equipment to supplement our ever-expanding collection, we had to abandon our nearest supermarket at Swords and head for the spanking-new Tesco Extra at Clarehall.   This was a 21st century wonder for me because it had escalator ramps for the trollies and a special clamp mechanism to prevent them rolling out of control with all your stuff when you go down them.   Many readers will struggle to comprehend how someone could be as old as me and never have come across these things before.   But to me they were a source of wonder and joy, even though I couldn’t work out how the clamps did their jobs so effectively.

Shopping urges suitably satisfied, we drove back to the flat, unpacked, had lunch, and then set out to take advantage of our coastal location with a quick walk up the Broadmeadow estuary.

We essentially followed the same route as our walk to the Swords cinema, but added a few twiddly bits on at the start, following a route I had downloaded from the Viewranger website.   The sun was already setting by the time we reached the shoreline, but that didn’t matter as the path is well made up and impossible to lose.   The windsurfers were still busy doing their thing in the lagoon, though it seemed to be a specialist form of the art, as the boards had hydroplanes fixed to the undersides which meant they could literally fly above the water at great speed when the wind was strong enough.   It looked exhilarating but cold and wet.

Also decorating the shoreline were literally dozens of herons.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many in one place before.   There must clearly be good fishing in these parts, as the giant pterodactyls seemed reluctant to give up their favourite fishing spots and lumber airborne, even when I got up quite close.

We chose the M1 viaduct as our destination today not because it has any particular redeeming features, but simply because it is a decent distance away.    We took our time to get there, inspecting the natural and human history along the way, but returned far more quickly, propelled by a freshening wind on our backs, and a desire to get back in time for a nice refreshing beer before tea.

Tomorrow’s going to be a significant day in the history of these travels, but you’ll just have to tune in in 24 hours time to find out why.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

IMG_6125 IMG_6132
Shopping.   The favourite Saturday morning pastime of millions of people up and down the country.   But not me, unfortunately. The railway embankment leaving Malahide.   It blocks the Broadmeadow estuary and results in the lagoon upstream of the embankment being only partly tidal.   But the remaining tidal forces have caused the viaduct in the middle to collapse four times since it was built in 1844, most recently in 2009.   In 2020 permission was granted to build a “Broadmeadow Greenway” alongside the railway bridge, allowing pedestrians and cyclists one day to take a shortcut across the estuary to Donabate.   Hooray!
IMG_6159 IMG_6171
Roses and fuschias still in full bloom at the moment, and many trees still look quite green.   No sign of any frost here yet Heron takes flight as heavy-footed photographer approaches
 IMG_6157  IMG_6185
Looking upstream in the general direction of the M1 as the sun sets The M1 flyover.   A fabulous destination
A small tributary winding its way into the estuary this evening.   Clearly the swans like it, even though it’s not fresh water, but slightly salty
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