Ireland day 0335. Monday 29 August 2022- Transatlantic

Ireland day 0335. Monday 29 August 2022- Transatlantic
Today’s summary Got up early and flew to Vancouver in the morning to meet family.   Away for a few days so the blog may be a bit shorter than normal.   But read on!
Today’s weather Only just light when we left Malahide.   Looked like a dry and bright day in the offing.   Light wind only.   About 16C  (but closer to minus 60 outside right now)
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows the location of our route)
Close-up location
(The blue mark shows where we were)
(No GPX today)

Today we decided to ring the changes a bit.

We started the day with an early alarm: 6:00am on a Monday morning is altogether too much like going to work for my liking.   But nevertheless, we got up, and ploughed our way through a rapid breakfast of toast and tea – noting as we ate how the Tesco “Value” marmalade doesn’t actually seem to contain any oranges.   Then we gathered our things and headed out to the main road to await the no. 102.   Which, in terms of the exciting destinations to which it delivers us, is almost as trusty as the Yaris.

Bang on time the bus whizzed towards us but, alarmed by the prospect that it didn’t look like it was actually going to stop – Val practically hurled herself into its path to flag it down and ensure that it would definitively draw to a halt.   Fortunately it did, the driver presumably fearful that if he didn’t, a major incident on the Dublin Road might ensue.   So the bus shuddered to a stop, and we got on.

We followed the 102 right to its ultimate destination, which as anyone familiar with this blog will know is if course the airport.   We had a flight at ten past ten this morning so – as is ever the case when we travel these days – we arrived nearly three hours early.   Which meant we had to pass the morning spending endless amounts of money in the cafés and duty-frees, buying things that doubtless we don’t really need.

Oh and yes one other thing.   When you travel one of the things you need most is of course money.   And this morning, for reasons best known to itself, my credit card stopped working.   Luckily I discovered this fact while I was hanging around in the airport idly failing to use it to buy anything.   So I was gifted the opportunity enjoyably to pass the next 90 minutes talking to a bot who (don’t know if it was a he or a she bot) completely failed to resolve the fault.

Then, as inexplicably as it started, the problem was resolved.   I tried to log on to my card management app, which told me that an fatal error had occurred, then suddenly just asked my to change my passcode, and all was resolved.   So I could happily resume my carefree spending spree, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t need to rely on the generosity of Val to support me for what might otherwise have been the rest of my life.

As I write this, the seatback in front of me tells me are are passing by Angmagssalik (why do these maps always show so many weird Greenlandic names?) and our destination is 5,728km away.   If my Euclidean geometry is right, that means we must be heading to the west coast of Canada which is a good thing as our tickets have “Vancouver” on them which is where I sincerely hope we are actually going.

The next week will spent with family on the far side of the Atlantic, which both Val and I are very much looking forward to.   So these blogs may be a bit shorter than normal while we are away, as we will be spending most of our time, hopefully, exploring this new bit of the world, rather than tapping into the computer.

Do check in from time to time to see how we’re getting on.   But now, from 12,192 metres above the Charlie-Gibbs fracture zone, it’s over and out.   Beep!


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Not quite with it yet at seven o’clock this morning on the trusty 102 This sign was open to numerous interpretations but none of them good
In the cattle truck for the next nine hours Don’t you just love airline food?   Still, covers all the essentials

Baffin Island this afternoon  Great view of the ice cap
Hope it’s as trusty as the 102
Interactive map

(No map today)

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