Ireland day 0048. Monday 15 November 2021- Airport

Ireland day 0048. Monday 15 November 2021- Airport
Today’s summary Dealt with a fusebox emergency in the morning, then a quick wander round the Castle Gardens in the afternoon, and out to the airport in the evening on the 102 bus to meet Val
Today’s weather Overcast and dry.   No wind.   About 13C
IMG_6730 IMG_6729
Today’s overview location
(the red cross in a circle shows where Val and I are at the moment)
Close-up location

Midway through this morning’s chores I noticed that a desk lamp in the spare room had gone off. Not to worry, I thought, probably the bulb had gone. Then I noticed that the washing machine was suspiciously quiet, having been churning away happily for the last half hour. Not worry I thought – it must have been on an auto cycle and finished early. So I decided to make a cup of coffee and eat the toast I’d put on earlier. Strange, I thought, the toast wasn’t cooked and then the lever wouldn’t stay down when I put it back in to cook a bit longer. And the light on the kettle hadn’t come on. Not to worry, I thought I’d have a shower while worked out what to do.

No water. 

Not being able to get washed seemed like a potential emergency – even though I was something of an old hand at it, after the experience in Ardcath a few weeks ago. Then I realised that the water is pumped, so a ring main must have failed somewhere – the lights were still on so I knew it wasn’t a general power cut. I expertly opened the fuse box and noted that none of the RCDs seemed to have tripped. 

So I phoned the buildings maintenance company an eventually an engineer called me back and advised me to check the RCDs. I told him I’d already done that. Yes he replied but have you checked the position of the big switch in the middle?  I looked at it and suddenly realised that the “O” position it was pointed to wasn’t “O” for “on” but was actually “0” for “off”. 

I flicked the switch and miraculously everything sprung back to life. 

So memos to self: 1) Check the middle switch; 2) don’t user the toaster when the washing machine is on. 

Electrical malfunctions successfully resolved, the main event of the day today was Val’s return from the UK. So I finished off the washing, got the ingredients for dinner, and hoovered everywhere. Then, having a couple of hours to spare, I took lunch to the botanic garden at the Castle, and enjoyed the peace and quiet of a late afternoon midday visit while no one else was around. 

Since we no longer have a car, I purchased a spare LEAP card for Val and headed off on the 102 at 1730, in time to meet her off the 1835 arrival. I spent a slightly uncomfortable half hour waiting amongst the coughing masses at Dublin airport and then Val duly arrived pretty much on time and we successfully negotiated the bus network back to Malahide. 

So now it’s time to show off my culinary skills and enjoy a reunifying glass of plonk.

Welcome back!

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

IMG_6686 IMG_6688
Well that’s certainly good to know And here are some of the essentials you can buy.   What a relief
IMG_6682 IMG_6693
The sun seems to set so early at the moment!   Still, it’s only 5 weeks till the shortest day. Trachycarpus fortunei – the only palm tree which is hardy enough to grow outside in Ireland.   Does add a nice Mediterranean feel to the garden, though
IMG_6701 IMG_6713
Talking of the Mediterranean – I love this plant which grows in one of the greenhouses – it has a wonderful artemesia smell, which you get on hot coastal paths by the Med. and in the Canary islands Evening already – lights coming on in the Castle gardens at 4pm
Tonight’s transport awaits!
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