Ireland day 0244. Monday 30 May 2022- Cooking

Ireland day 0244. Monday 30 May 2022- Cooking
Today’s summary Val was out at work and I had a quiet day in the flat, mainly spent cooking and contemplating my injured toe
Today’s weather Overcast, cool and dry in the morning, rain in late afternoon / evening.  Hardly any wind.   About 13C
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows where I am)
Close-up location
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(No GPX today)

Not every day in Ireland is a non-stop voyage of discovery – even though it can seem like that sometimes.   Today, with Val out at work and no specific items on my agenda, was one of those days.   It came as a quite a welcome break in the hurly burly of adventure, as actually I was feeling quite tired.   Not just because of the amount of rushing around and exploring we’ve been doing lately, but more specifically because my of injured toe.   I thought yesterday it had settled into a state of somnambulant necrosis – but in the middle of last night it suddenly burst into life and started sending electric shocks of stabbing pain through my foot at regular intervals of between 4 and 20 seconds (I know because I timed them).

Obviously, being a man, this was a major calamity and so I had to stumble about in the dark searching for the paracetamol pills and Voltarol gel to try and ease the pain.   I am sure that if I had been a woman I would have just slept through it all, but it kept me awake for four hours so I woke up this morning feeling distinctly un-refreshed.

Anyway, once I got going this morning, the pain went away and I had an enjoyable catch up video call with family back in the UK.   Val doesn’t start work till 12:30 on Monday so we did what “retired” couple are supposed to do, and had a cup of coffee and a leisurely brunch before she headed off to the museum.   Once she’d gone I spent a few moments googling all the horrible things that might go wrong with my injured toe.   I decided to stop once I had learned that an untreated toe injury can lead to bone death, septic arthritis, osteoarthritis and skin cancer.   I’m going to play it safe and not look at my phone again until I am better (hopefully).

Quaking with fear at this point, I thought it would be a good idea to go out and do some shopping to try and clear my head.   So I did the rounds of Tesco and SuperValu and came back armed with mince, tomatoes, herbs and plums, and set about making comfort food – spaghetti bolognaise and braised plums – for dinner.

Anyway, apart from that there isn’t a lot to report from today, so I’ll stop prattling on.   The dinner is cooked but my toe is still bright blue.   On the positive side though I haven’t died, so I’m taking that as a good sign.   Come back tomorrow to see if I’ve made it through the night.


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Look away now if you find the image too upsetting.   But it’s remarkable how something so insignificant looking can cause so much aggravation
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