Ireland day 0028. Tuesday 26 October 2021- Spaghetti

Ireland day 0028. Tuesday 26 October 2021- Spaghetti
Today’s summary First stage in our move from Ardcath to Malahide. Then a walk round Malahide castle and finished off with a couple of pints in Bennett’s this evening.
Today’s weather Overcast and quite windy all day.   Mild, appx 16C
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Today’s overview location
(the red cross in a circle shows where Val and I are at the moment)
Close-up location
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Malahide spaghetti

We have decided to spread our move to Malahide over two days, so today was spent trekking up and down the M1, transporting the first tranche of bags from Ardcath to our new flat. I have no idea how we got all this stuff over here in the first place, and to make matters worse it seems to at least have doubled in volume with no discernible human intervention over the last month. I dread to think what it will be like by Christmas.

But having decanted crockery, cutlery, toilet rolls and wooden spoons – all the paraphernalia of 21st century living, in fact – into the flat, we granted ourselves an afternoon off.

Just opposite our flat is Malahide castle public park. We first explored it with the Dublin walkers a couple of weeks ago, but to be perfectly honest, I was so focussed on making a good impression that I barely took any notice of our surroundings. Today we were able to be a bit less inhibited and to appreciate the park a bit more fully. The main impression, actually, is that it’s pretty big. Perhaps not Hyde Park but not far off. It also features a castle and botanic gardens which we will have to explore more fully later. And there’s a Parkrun here every Saturday which Val is keen to check out (sadly I won’t be on account of the cost of getting my hips replaced if I do).

Towards the end of our spaghetti shaped wander, we stumbled across the Fairy Trail in the West Garden. The friendly trail guardian at the entrance obviously thought we looked to be in need of a bit of fairy magic and allowed us in free of charge. Actually I think he was more excited to show off his recently acquired chainsaw sculpture of a pair of dragons, and to test out his new sound system, but whatever the reason it was a very enjoyable experience.

We are back at Ardcath in Bennett’s again now, enjoying a final pint of Guinness before our departure tomorrow. But I have to say it’s such a wonderful gem that no matter where our Irish wanderings take us over the coming months, I think we are likely to be back here from time to time, enjoying the craic and even the occasional pint of Guinness (or two).
Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

 IMG_5550  IMG_5525
Malahide Castle from the West Lawn There is a trendy Avoca shop in the castle demesne.  It claims to be open for the sale of “essential” goods which appears to cover things like asparagus spears drizzled with chilli oil and large bottles of Chateaunneuf-du-Pape
 IMG_5530  IMG_5532
Looking out from the castle entrance onto the gardens The vast parkland surrounding the castle.   It was pretty empty, well today at least
IMG_5553 IMG_5554
Dragons sculpted by chainsaw from the stumps of a now-deceased tree on the fairy trail Bennett’s served up a perfect end to our stay at Ardcath this evening
Hallowe’en is a big thing in Ireland – especially so in Meath it seems.   Over the last couple of weeks, houses seem to have sprung up ever more elaborate displays of ghoulishness and it all culminates with trick-or-treating and firework parties next Sunday.   This particular specimen adorned one of the trees alongside the Fairy Trail to which we were granted exclusive pre-opening access this evening
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