PW day 00: Sun 21 Feb 2016; Home to Edale

PW day 00: Sun 21 Feb 2016; Home to Edale
Walk descriptor Pennine Way Day 00
Date Sun 21 Feb 2016 Start to end time n/a
Start point Home End point Edale
Miles today n/a Cu miles n/a
Ft today n/a Cu ft n/a
Route miles left 277.79 Route ft left 42,187
Today’s weather Thick cloud, driving rain, gale force Westerly wind, about 8C
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Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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Today marked the start of the Pennine Way adventure and it really was a day of contrasts.   I set off from London (St Pancras) where the weather was benign – mild, at about 14C, and dry.   Getting off the train at Edale was like stepping into a different world.  The temperature had dropped to about 7C, night had fallen, and the rain was lashing down.  I barely made it from the train to the platform shelter before I was soaked.   Cagoule, overtrousers and full goretex kit was essential for the 2 mile walk to the youth hostel.

I reached the hostel, hidden away up a side valley, after about 30 mins and it was a fantastic port in a storm.   Thank goodness for drying rooms!   Soaked clothing and rucksack are now gently saunaing in the drying room as I write this (on probably the slowest internet connection in the world – honestly, morse code would be quicker).

I’m hoping that tomorrow is going to be a bit less hostile as I set off for the walk “proper”.   Up Jacob’s Ladder, over Kinder Scout, Black Hill and Bleaklow to Crowden – names to conjure with but places better not visited on a day like today.   So here’s hoping for sun and calm – a vain expectation perhaps, but looking out of the window it does at least appear to have stopped raining for the moment.

I am very glad not to be camping tonight!   Next installment tomorrow!

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
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St Pancras – one of my favourite buildings Looking remarkably clean and dry (it won’t last) about to board the train to Edale (via Sheffield)
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Compare and contrast with St Pancras – I was soaked before I even crossed the platform to the shelter Good news for door enthusiasts everywhere
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Rather blurry shot of the moon scudding behind clouds as the rain lashed down on the 2 mile hike to the Youth Hostel Sanctuary from the elements in the Youth Hostel at Edale
St Pancras again.  Well, I like it.
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