Ireland day 0173. Sunday 20 March 2022- Covid2

Ireland day 0173. Sunday 20 March 2022- Covid2
Today’s summary Tested positive again this morning so spent the day confined to the flat.  Enjoyed the entertainment laid on by the robins and foxes in a sleepless night.   The Wicklow Walkers had a good day, hiking from Marley Park to Enniskerry in near-perfect conditions
Today’s weather Sunny and dry all day.   Moderate south easterly wind  About 9C
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows where I am)
Close-up location
(The green line shows where we walked)
(No gpx download today as I didn’t go anywhere)

One of the peculiar features of Covid – for me at least – is that it completely alters your sleep patterns.   So for example yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sleeping which meant that I was awake for half the night.   I thought for a moment that perhaps I should make another start on “Ulysses” but that’s pretty hard going even when you are in full possession of your faculties, which I definitely wasn’t last night   So I just lay there listening to the sounds of the night.   It was quite interesting actually.   At about 4am a bird started singing joyously in the trees outside.   I don’t know what it was, as I think it is still too early in the season to be the dawn chorus, so maybe it was just a territorial robin chasing off an intruder.   But whatever it was, it was quite melodious and a cheering herald to the first day of spring.

Then finally when the robin decided to go back to bed at about 5:30, a fox started barking vigorously just below our window.   At least I think it was a fox as it sounded a bit like  dog, but it fired off its barks in a salvo of about five then paused for a second or two before resuming.   Eventually he decided to retire as well, and I dropped off again at about 6:30.  I’m hoping I sleep a bit better tonight but at least if I don’t I know I will have an interesting soundtrack to accompany my wakefulness.

I tested myself again this morning, hoping for a miracle which, of course, didn’t materialise.   The pesky red line was just as strong as yesterday with not even the slightest hint of fading.   I am feeling a bit better than yesterday though still coughing like mad and living from one Paracetamol dose to the next.   I don’t think there’s a lot you can realistically do about it other than sit it out and let nature take its course.

Anyway on a more positive note – Val, Bev and Pete had a superb day out in the Wicklow Hills today, covering the fist stage of the walk – from Marley Park to Enniskerry – in record time.  The weather was perfect and – even better – its looking good for the next few days as well.  That’s quite unusual actually, as normally when Val and I go walking with Bev and Pete we are subject to torrents of rain and freezing wind,   So Wicklow has been a bit of a departure from the norm but now I am beginning wonder – is it me that is the harbinger of storms?  For everyone’s sakes, perhaps I should take to my bed more often?


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