Ireland day 0172. Saturday 19 March 2022- Covid1

Ireland day 0172. Saturday 19 March 2022- Covid1
Today’s summary Tested positive for Covid in the morning so have had temporarily to abandon Wicklow Way until I am negative again.   Val, Bev and Pete have set off and I’ll hopefully join them later
Today’s weather Brilliant sunshine all day.  Light breeze.   About 12C
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows where I am)
Close-up location
(The green line shows where I walked)
(No GPX today as I didn’t go anywhere)

Well I suppose I always knew it had to happen sooner or later, but I’d just really rather it hadn’t happened today.

Yes, no sooner had Val achieved 2 days of negative Covid results back in the UK (and so, safely able to come to Ireland last night)  than I tested positive this morning.   It was quite a surprising development actually as I felt good all day yesterday – just a slight sore throat which came on when I went to bed.   I thought nothing of it but by this morning I was enjoying the full Covid experience.   Fatigue, runny nose, ringing ears, upset stomach and a dry hacking cough.   The only thing I don’t seem to have is any change to my sense of taste or smell.  I’m relieved about that and hope it stays that way.

Today we were supposed to be starting the Wicklow Way hike so Val (who I am assuming is immune as a result of her infection last week) and I had a long chat about what to do.  Eventually I persuaded her to go with Bev and Pete, and leave me behind in the flat.   After all she coped fine when she was on her own and had it last week, so I am sure I will be fine on my own too.   I will try and arrange transport to wherever they are once I am better, and join them for the final stages.

The walking team did have a good afternoon visiting the stately home at Powerscourt today and are heading in to Enniskerry for dinner tonight.   The walk proper starts tomorrow.

I’m going to stop now as even the effort of typing this is tiring, so now I need to take a break and have (yet another!) rest.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Interactive map

(No map today as I haven’t left the flat]

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