Ireland day 0180. Sunday 27 March 2022- Covid9

Ireland day 0180. Sunday 27 March 2022- Covid9
Today’s summary All of us seemingly on the mend today so took a walk down the beach – Pete included – to Howth and bus back.   First time we have all managed to get out together in the whole of our ten day group walking holiday.  DART and bus back
Today’s weather Another lovely sunny day.   Light easterly breeze on the beach.   Dry and bright all day.   About 13C
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows the location of our route)
Close-up location
(The blue line shows where we walked)
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Today was marked a bit of a turning point in our own personal Covid epidemic.   Although I was still testing positive this morning – and I suspect I will for some time yet – I felt more or less normal.   And most of the fatigue seems to have gone, too.   Bev was in a similar position, but most significantly for us all, Pete was feeling a bit better too.

So after another leisurely start to the day, with another fabulous sunny day beckoning outside, we decided that we would try and do today what we were supposed to have been doing for the whole of the last ten days.   We would go on a group walk – all four of us.

Ten days ago, for our first day together, Val was still suffering from Covid in London so she missed our Cooleys walk.   Then for the next two days, on the Wicklow Way, I was out of action with Covid and missed those.   Then Bev came down with it and after they returned to Malahide, Pete and Val were able to go out while Bev and I vegetated in a Covid stupor.  And then as Bev and I started to recover, Val, Bev and I were able to go out at last, but by then Pete was in Covid isolation.   So today was indeed a bit of a turning point as our Covid recoveries all at last coincided so we are able to do our very first group walk.

In then end we didn’t try anything too ambitious.   We walked over the Robswall hill and down to the coast path near Portmarnock.   After following the coast road down to Sutton, Pete decided not to push his luck and caught the 102 back to Malahide (he was the only one on the bus, by the way) and Bev, Val and I walked on a bit further to Howth.   After a quick cup of coffee on the promenade, we got the DART back back to Sutton and then it was our turn, too, to get the 102 for the final leg to Malahide.

So now we’re enjoying a celebratory G&T and then planning what to watch on Netflix.   and although we’re enjoying the extra our of daylight since the clocks changed, we are aware that it is already later outside than it actually feels like it is.

Finally, by way of some consolation for our recent predicament,  I read in the paper this afternoon that a Korean doctor has opined that “anyone who hasn’t had Covid yet probably has interpersonal issues and no friends” so at least we can take some comfort  that we don’t fall into that sad category.   With any luck the recoveries will continue tomorrow, so we are contemplating going out in the car and getting a bit further afield.  Watch this space to see how that all works out!


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

We managed to walk round the shore from Sutton to Howth – a new stretch for us, as last time the tide was in and all this was submerged.   A very enjoyable alternative approach to Howth Pete enjoying his first taste of freedom in a week, with Ireland’s Eye in the background
Hooray.   Ten days into our group walking holiday – we finally all actually managed to be well enough at the same time to do a group walk
Interactive map

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