Ireland day 0179. Saturday 26 March 2022- Covid8

Ireland day 0179. Saturday 26 March 2022- Covid8
Today’s summary Still positive but feeling well so allowed ourselves out at last.   Drove to Donabate and had a walk round Newbridge demesne and then the beach.   Lovely day and lovely to  be out in it
Today’s weather Dry bright and sunny all day.   Hardly any wind.   About 14C
Today’s overview location
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I used up the last of my previous lot of Covid test kits yesterday so started on a new batch today.   I harboured a brief and somewhat naïve hope that perhaps it would be a bit less sensitive than the last one – but sadly not.   The T line was as steadfastly pink as ever when I tested before my first cup of tea.   But perhaps more practically relevant this morning was the fact that for the first time in over a week, I didn’t feel utterly crap when I woke up.   In fact I actually felt quite good.   So even though the antigen particles are still there, I think that my immune system is slowly getting the upper hand and fighting off this infection.

These days, we have a very leisurely start to the day as we can’t – or at least couldn’t – go anywhere so there was no rush.   It has been taking us almost till noon just to get up and have breakfast.   Comparing notes over our toast, Bev seems to be at pretty much the same stage as me.   Feeling pretty good, but still testing very positive.   Pete, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, considering the late start, was still feeling a bit rough when he got up but has made some steady headway during the day.   Val’s antibodies from her infection a couple of weeks ago continue to do a sterling job and she has stayed well while all the rest of us have been diseased around her.

So after a group discussion, Pete elected to keep his head down and try and get some recuperative rest in the flat.   But the rest of us felt well and un-infectious enough to get in the car and head out for a short drive to widen our horizons a bit.   We only drove to the other side of the estuary at Donabate but it felt so good!   After days of incarceration, even a trip to the local recycling centre would have felt like a joyous treat.   But we went a bit further and dropped in at the Newbridge House visitor centre for a cup of coffee and a long walk round the grounds in the spring sunshine.

None of us had the desire or energy to rush, so it was quite late by the time we left Newbridge.   But just enough early evening sun left to make a trip to the beach at Donabate worthwhile, and a short walk in the dunes.

So a really nice day, and good finally to get a bit further out and about see the outside world at last after so long in the flat.   So all in all I feel like I am well on top of the virus now, but it’s left me feeling very tired.   It’s only half past seven and I feel like I am ready to go to bed.   Perhaps you just need all this rest to give your body the time and energy it needs to produce all these antibodies.   Anyway I’m all for it and think that a nice glass of red wine is right now probably called for to reward those lovely B-cells and T-cells for all the hard work they are doing in chopping up and disarming those vicious viral spike proteins.    Keep it up, lymphocyte army!

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

Bright and sunny – just like us(!)   Celandines in flower at Newbridge Val and I on Donabate beach.  A beautiful day
Post Covid treat.   Cake and coffee in an outdoor café.   It was SOOO good!
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