Ireland day 0175. Tuesday 22 March 2022- Covid4

Ireland day 0175. Tuesday 22 March 2022- Covid4
Today’s summary Still testing positive this morning.   Wicklow walkers have returned to Malahide because of a Covid outbreak.   A quiet day in the flat full of convalescents
Today’s weather Dry sunny and bright.   Very little wind.   About 13C
Today’s overview location
(The blue mark shows where I am)
Close-up location
(The green line shows my location.   In the sitting room, basically)
(No GPX download today)]

Well the walking party has succumbed to the inevitable.   Bev has come down with Covid so the group has had to return to Malahide.   So far Pete has proved to be amazingly resistant and between him and the recently-infected-and-now-immune Val they are now in full swing nursing Bev and me – the recuperating invalids.   I must say this is turning out to be one of the more unusual walking holidays I’ve been on.   I do hope its not one that I have to repeat for quite some time but maybe we have to accept that it will always be a future risk, given waning vaccine efficacy and the pesky coronavirus’ ability to mutate its way around our immune defences.

Once again, I tested positive this morning and there’s no sign of the T-line fading yet.   But I am more or less resigned to the fact that it could be a long haul.   Being restricted to the flat is admittedly a bit tedious – I haven’t stepped outside the front door for 96 hours now – but quite frankly I’m still finding that I don’t have much energy and seem to get tired just standing up.   Anyway I’m not coughing quite so much now, which I’m taking to be a good sign.

We are fortunate in that our flat has a balcony so I could spend some time out there in the sunshine watching the wildlife in the nearby trees.   A magpie and a squirrel seem to have been engaged in a territorial dogfight all afternoon, and I’ve noticed that a bluetit has drilled a hole in the wall of next door’s flat and seems to be busily building a nest in there.  I am not sure this is quite what the architects would have had in mind when they decided to cover the building in bird-drillable wood cladding, but it was nice to see the local fauna making the most of the urban environment.

On the current rate of progress, I think there is absolutely zero chance of the pink line fading tomorrow either – and Bev is two days behind me – but at least I’m slowly getting a bit of energy back.   Once I start getting bored, I will know that I am truly on the mend!

Come back tomorrow for more of the same.


Today’s photos (click to enlarge)

The view from the balcony.   Still no leaves on the trees, but it feels as if spring isn’t far away now
Interactive map

(No map today)

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