Test 02: 20 Feb 2016; Amersham to Wendover walk

Test 02: 20 Feb 2016; Amersham to Wendover walk
Walk descriptor Test Day 02
Date Sat 20 Feb 2016 Start to end time 05h 33m
Start point Amersham End point Wendover
Miles today 13.54 Cu miles 30.40
Ft today  1,099 Cu ft  2,797
Route miles left 0.00 Route ft left  0
Today’s weather Heavy cloud, rain most of the way, strong westerly wind, appx 9C
Photo 20-02-2016, 16 59 32 Photo 20-02-2016, 16 59 11
Today’s location
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GPX based track of today’s walk
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Today was the last chance to stretch the legs and test out kit before setting off on the Pennine Way next Monday.   Although it wasn’t a complete test as waterproofs and boots were left at home, as they are already packed for departure.   This wasn’t a brilliant idea as training shoes and non-waterproof jacket proved to be unideal for today’s outing, which enjoyed constant rain, endless thick mud and strong wind.

The walk from Amersham to Wendover via the Lee and Wendover Woods is a bit of a favourite as it’s possible to set off straight from home, have a cup of tea in a strategically located cafe midway, and then get the train back home again at the end.   So despite the rain, it was an enjoyable walk, with new things to see (or old things never before noticed), like the strange wooden graves, known apparently as “Hertfordshire bedsteads”, at the Lee old church, and a well preserved section of Grim’s Ditch, near Kingsash.

Even though the daylight hours were shortened by the rain and cloud, there were still people around in Wendover Woods – evidently enough to make it worth keeping the cafe open.   The cafe itself was a welcome shelter from the rain but was running low on essentials like millionaire’s shortbread.   However, a lurid pink cake, which tasted of food colouring and sugar, was left and provided much needed (well probably not) calories and was palatable when accompanied by a few cups of tea.

After the brief refreshment stop, we headed off downhill to Wendover and the train home.  It’s normally good to end a walk with a long downhill section, but today it was unexpectedly hazardous.   The rain, combined with the thick chalky mud on the downward slope had converted the path into a greasy mudbath which was about as grippy as a ski slope.

Despite the challenges, the walk was successfully completed and the final link in the PW preparation is complete.

Today’s photos (click to enlarge)
image image
A bit like being Atlas but with mud.   And feet rather than shoulders Chesham Model Flying Club airstrip.   Shortly to become “London (Bucks)” airport, no doubt
image image
Hawthorn coming into leaf.  You can eat the shoots but even Waitrose hasn’t diversified into hawthorn salad (yet) Curious wooden graves at The Lee old church.  Date to the 1860s
image image
Mmmm.. Essential healthy snack at Wendover Woods cafe
The Lee.   Complete with village pub, green and rain.  Very British
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